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Our story
Created with passion to explore the underwater world

SubBreather Story

The idea of creation a light, portable and smooth in operation floating unit is a brainchild of underwater treasure hunter and few enthusiastic diving veterans.

The freedom is an essential in SubBreather.
Passion for spending more time on the favorite hobby in lovely places instead of being bound to nearby diving centers to fill tanks for the next dives brought the future vision of SubBreather.

And that's why we have no deal with the gas or stationary electric units. We don't want our customers to be bounded to gas stations, and unable to travel by plane. Freedom is the fundamental value of the product.

Our vision

The main goals were ambitious, but not impossible:
– Airplane friendly. To be able to take it anywhere on vacation
– To start a dive easy, friendly and quickly
– To recharge with no headache everywhere

As the technological world came closer to the end-user, the solution came up!
Oil-less diaphragm motor powered by Airplane friendly rechargeable battery set.
Lightweight – just 12 kg
Keep it simple – just push the ON button
High capacity – up to 90 min underwater
Easy to charge – 3-4 hours from AC using a standard charger (or 12-volt DC network)

Started from the bottom

In 2017 it came from an idea to a real operating unit, floating on the surface and providing the diver with pure air and unpolluted breath!
It was really tough to reach this level. After the first tests were generated a list of additional requirements. Newborn SubBreather went back to the workshop for an improvement.

Humans are strange! As soon as they get something – they want More further!

Late 2018 SubBreather second protype got its first triumph and solved most of the tasks. But the desire to get MORE took 9 months to make it even better. In 2019 a new completely enhanced unit came to life!

Beauty in every detail

New SubBreather was highlighted with:
- More resistible to waves
- More resistible to drowning
- x2 underwater time
- The new secure hose docking system
- Unique ergonomic design
- Smart air supply system granted longer battery life and smooth air supply

In May 2019 New SubBreather had final open water tests in Egypt for experts and novice divers. With the final list of improvements and a new "wish list," it started preparing for serial production.

Web Summit 2019

SubBreather was presented in November 2019 on the Web Summit in Lisbon as Alpha startup.
We have got a lot of positive feedback from experienced divers.
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