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SubBreather: the most comfortable diving system

Made by Divers for Divers to bring comfort and mobility.
Set up in a click, dive up to 12 meters!

How to stop spending 3/4 of time on diving preparations and enjoy your passion from the 1st moment of vacation?

Meet SubBreather - durable, ergonomic, mobile & easy to use breathing system for diving.
Removes all pains of equipment rent or tank fills
No heavy and bulky equipment to wear and carry
Compact, ergonomic, durable & airplane friendly.
Best for active traveling divers and boat owners.
Ready to dive less than in 1 minute.

Brand-new "Grab & Dive" gear

Compact & easy-to-use for sport, science, recreation, bottom maintenance, and tour business.
In a few words
SubBreather is a floating unit with an electric pump powered by Li-ion batteries that supply compressed surface fresh air to a diver up to 12 meters depth for comfortable breathing for 45-90 minutes. This means no air tanks with pressurized air at all.

Easy charging like a Laptop! Just put it in a 220/110V socket for 4 hours at home or charge it at a car or a boat from the 12V grid.
up to 90 minutes of air
up to 40 feet / 12 m in depth
don't pay for rent & refills, it pays itself after 20 dives
flip resistant and crash protected
details made for pleasure
Plane friendly
take it on a trip, doesn't take a lot of space in your luggage
charging network 220/11/12 volt
does not use fuel, made from environmentally friendly materials
Ready to use
just take it and go diving!
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SubBreather got positive feedback from experienced divers on
Web Summit 2019 in Lisbon.

And if you are
  • a diver with his own set of rules
  • underwater explorer
  • underwater hunter or collector
  • snorkeler, who's ready to go deeper
  • touristic dives organization
  • underwater photo adept
  • entrepreneur or dive school executive
  • waterbodies clean-up specialist
  • beach lifeguard
  • diving fan, who wants to start easily and quickly

SubBreather — the floating unit you've been waiting for!

Real diving freedom begins with SubBreather

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While SubBreather is not a one-size-fits-all solution, it's appropriately designed for trained divers and like-minded people.

SubBreather is for people who:
    • addicted to recreational diving, and snorkeling innovations
    • values the comfort in everything, moreover sports and hobby
    • ready for new opportunities in business and life
    • loves journeys, explorations, and discoveries
    ... and desires self-expression, furthermore values the personality!
    Will be available in mid-2020

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